Mindfudge Comedy Episode 070 – The Lost Episodes #1

A New Episode??? A Lost Episode. This is one that we recorded back in April of 2022, but we had the amusing idea of recording it from the perspective of it already being April 2023. We predicted things that would occur over the next year, based on the state of the world during the pandemic, and with the few upcoming life plans we already had in place. This whole episode was improvised, but it led to some hilarious and unexpected moments. Unfortunately, the recording had technical issues so it took me a long time to get it corrected, and by then, so much time had passed that I didn’t think it would make a lot of sense to release it. I’ve since changed my mind and with the help of new editing software, I was able to fix the issues and get it released. I really hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for sticking with us, and I also promise that I am working to try and get things back on track so we can release more than a few new episodes this year. It may be in the second half of 2024, but please do expect more Mindfudge!